We are specialists and volunteers of the Old World Christian Charity, as well as Russian Orthodox priests and Christian counselors. All of us are trained experts in the field of addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Some of our experts even have their own experience of recovery from alcohol or drug dependence.
Most of us belong to the Russian Orthodox Church and are members of a church in Erino near Podolsk (Moscow region) or a church located at Bolshaja Ordynka in Moscow.
We strive to make our organization's working team into a true Church community. We pray together at the Divine Liturgy, come to the Holy Communion together, participate in the life and activities of our parishes, and in the different kinds of  social work conducted by our parishes.
In addition, our specialists and volunteers have weekly planning sessions and working discussions, and also participate in a regular supervision group.
We are open to any opportunities that may arise, to cooperate with other Christians in the area of social work.

See the page “Our specialists and volunteers” for more information.