Residential Rehabilitation

Construction of the “CITY OF REFUGE” Therapeutic Community, a long term rehabilitation and reintegration center for young drug addicts and alcoholics, was started the summer of 2000 by the “Old World” Foundation with financial support of the ICCR International Coalition of City of Refuges (Rev. Mickey Evance – president, Dr. Andres Ruiz – former vice-president).

The center is located in a two-storey house 12 meters long and 12 meters wide, where up to 10-12 patients and about 3 staff members may live.

The house is situated on the land of a Russian Orthodox parish, whose members and clergy are very cooperative and helpful with our project. 

Patients will stay at the center for approximately two to three years. In addition to participation in specially organized recovery processes (as outlined in the previous section), they will work on a nearby village farm and/or in various local trades, thereby making each patient self-supporting. They are also expected to participate in parish life: prayer, Divine Liturgy, Church education, and charity work.

The staff for the therapeutic community (treatment counselors, family counselors, aids, administrator etc.) have been preparing since 1998 by the “Old World” Foundation specialists. A team of about 20 volunteers participated weekly in the training course, which was composed of educational seminars, discussions, process group and leadership training.

The rehabilitation process will require the construction of different workshops. This will provide self support to the therapeutic community and give the women opportunity to get professional skills for alternative future employment.

In 2001 The “Old World” Foundation was granted by The Church Mission Society (UK), and in 2002 – by Bradley Foundation (USA). In 2003 the Mustard Seed Foundation (USA) has also decided to give a grant for the Old World activities.

Therefore at the moment we don’t have the funds to complete the interior of the building and build the workshops.