Out-patient program

The “Old World” intensive outpatient addiction treatment program has been functioning on a daily basis since November 1992. With years of experience, the Old World Treatment Program has a track record of effectiveness nearly ten times that of one of the traditional treatment methods.

Since 1992, about 80 patients have graduated from the program, whereas about 250 entered it. About 67% of the participants who stayed in the program more than three months, and nearly 85% of the graduates have maintained stable, long-term sobriety.

Old World” uses the Minnesota Model as a foundation of the treatment process. This model is a comprehensive and complex approach based on a combination of principles underlying the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the achievements of modern psychology, medicine, sociology, and other disciplines. Our program represents a Russian reflection of this Western experience. 

A patient remains in treatment in the “Old World” program for about two years. The work is organized according to a clear-cut and stable structure, which is the basic means of ensuring recovery. Its forms include counseling on personal issues and discussions on the psychological, medical and spiritual problems of dependency; small groups, general gatherings of all participants and their relatives, logistical meetings of all patients and staff, individual counseling, specially developed written homework, attending meetings of self-support groups, such as “Alcoholics Anonymous”, “Narcotics Anonymous” and “Al-Anon” etc. Those patients, who are interested in Christianity, may participate in prayer groups; catechism and Bible study groups, as well as attend meetings with visiting priests.

We consider addiction as a family disease, therefore working with family members and significant others is a very important part of the treatment process. There is a special program for the relatives, that consists of weekly lectures, individual and group counseling and other therapeutic activities.  


on Mondays 6 PM