Our sponsors and donors

 The "Old World" Foundation is a non-profit organization without any of its own sources of funding. Because of that, most of the organization’s activities are carried out by volunteers or are supported entirely by the donations of charitable organizations and individuals.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the leaders and workers of the Moscow region and to local Moscow businesses and companies that continue to provide valuable support and assistance to our rehabilitation center. Here is just a partial list of all those to whom we owe a big “Thank You”:


 Vera K. Aliokhine - Chief Financial Officer of "Podolskogneupor"

Vladimir N. Antokhin - Director General of "Gea" Ltd.

Mikhail.V. Archangelsky - Director of "Protokinveststroy", Podolsk.

Yuri A. Burlov - General Director of JSC "Podolsk-cement", Podolsk

Alexander A. Varlamov- Director of "Oil-Plus" Ltd.

Igor V. Vinokurov - Member of the Board of Deputies of Podolsk

Ludmila I. Volodko - a dentist, dental clinic, Podolsk

 Yuri V.Gavrushko- director GUPMO "Mosoblgaz" Podolskmezhraygaz "

Alexander G. Gerasimenko - CEO of the production company PZEMI, Podolsk

Sergey J. Golubkov - General Director, JSC "Factory of nonwovens" All the World ", Podolsk

Vasiliy V. Goncharuk - General Director of "Metallostroysnab" Ltd. ,Podolsk

Alexander V.Grammatikov - Director of "Binolium APM" Ltd.

Andrey Demchenko - General Director of JSC "Avtodorservis", Podolsk

Vladimir I. Demchenko - CEO of State Farm "Banner of Moscow suburbs", Podolsk District

Victor Y. Diehl - Director General of OAO "Ryazanovo", Podolsk District

Vadim V. Dunaev - General Director of LLC "Klimovsk decking"

Oleg G. Zholudev - General Director of "Avtoshinkomplect"

Oleg J. Zausalin - General Director of "Evro" Ltd., Podolsk

Anatoly N. Zykov - Director of "Avtopozkov", Podolsk

Dmitry N. Istomin, technical center "Crossroads", Podolsk

Alexander A. Kavrizhko- Chief Engineer GUP MO "Mosoblgaz-Podolskmezhraqgaz"

Evgeny Kobzev - director of "SCM" (formerly SZHBI), Podolsk

Andrej VKolykhalov - Director General of the city of Obninsk printing, Obninsk

Capitolina V.Kuzmina - the head of the County Council Ryazanovsky Ardasher Kurbansho - director of the plant "Kronospan", Egorievsk, MO

Alexander Latyshev - Director of District consumers union, Podolsk

Alexander Losinsky - Director General of the battery factory in Podolsk

Lyudmila Matveeva - director of "Stork-L", Moscow

Oleg V. Nesterov - General Director of JSC "Roche-Moscow", Moscow

Oleg I. Nikishanov - CEO OOONPP "Russian Garden-M", Moscow

Vladislav Ovchar - General Director of "Energotehprom", Podolsk

Nina Pakhomova - director of "Guide", Podolsk

Alexey Pervushin - director of "Virage", Podolsk

Anatoly K. Petrov - Director General of the company "Builder Plus"(developerneighborhood "Springs" Honored Builder of Defense), Podolsk

Anrew M. Piskarev - Director General of JSC "Podolsk-COMTRADE", Podolsk

Vladimir Plyukhin - the shopping center manager, "Iceberg" (auto parts), Podolsk

Tatiana Ryazantseva - Commercial Director of JSC "Podolsk-cement", Podolsk Ludmila Sidorov - Deputy chief physician clinic number 1 to the financial part, Podolsk

Alexander Simic - Director of the State Farm "Banner suburbs", Podolsk District

Vitaly Skorokhodov - General Director of "Vagant", Podolsk

Evgeny Machines - General Director of "Remit" (meat-processing plant), Podolsk

Igor V. Teryaev - General Director of LLC "AGROTEHTORG", Podolsk

Nicolai Tishin- Director Podolsky experienced inter-district Department of Forestry

Igor Trifonov - chief architect of the project of "Binolium APM", Podolsk

Vladimir A. Turuntaev - Director of Fino (auto parts store), Podolsk

Alexander Lameness - Director General of OOO "Ditars", Moscow

Anrew Chizhov - Director of "PPP" Fire Service, Podolsk

Anatoly Shevelev - Director of PZEMI, Podolsk

Gennady B. Shametdinov - Head of the MUP "utility plant" BATH ", Podolsk

Vyacheslav P. Shtyrenko - director of the company "Gas", Podolsk

Ilya V. Shtyrenko - deputy director of the company "Gas", Podolsk