Our partners

We are convinced that any efforts to address the problems of dependence, including our programs, can only achieve their goals with the help of other professionals and organizations, both from this country and abroad. Therefore, we are actively cooperating with many governmental, public, and religious organizations from Russia, the United State, the UK, Poland, Pakistan, Holland and other countries.


The major objective of that cooperation is to combine forces with different service and non-profit organizations.  Through that process we hope to share experiences and information, train staff, and develop new programs, as well as to closely cooperate in all areas in order to increase the skill level of our expert specialists.


Here are just some of the organizations that we work with:

  • Moscow State University
  • Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • The Moscow City Psychological-Pedagogical University
  • Moscow Center for Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • St. Tikhon Orthodox Humanitarian University
  • Rehabilitation center "House of Hope" near St. Petersburg"
  • Roundtable on Church Education and Diakonia" in the DECR Moscow Patriarchate
  • Diocesan social service department of the Moscow Patriarchate
  • Diocesan Department for Cooperation with the army and law enforcement agencies of the Moscow Patriarchate
  • About 30 parishes and monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland
  • Catholic parishes in Moscow, as well as in Poland
  • Some Protestant churches in Moscow and Moscow region
  • ISAAC (International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition) - an international coalition of Christian professionals in the field dependence is headquartered in the UK
  • ICCR (International Coalition of Cities of Refuge) - an international coalition of "city-refuge" (rehabilitation centers for drug addicts), headquartered in the U.S.
  • The Christian Training Center NET Training Institute (USA)

And many more....

We are not limiting ourselves to just our existing contacts - we are constantly in search of new relationships and opportunities for cooperation.  We are open to working with any organizations whose activities are not contrary to Christian principles and approaches in regards to addressing the problems of chemical dependency

and HIV / AIDS.