In this section you will find the following:


What we are doing - a brief summary of all our activities

This is just a short list of all different activities of our Charity, which together constitute a comprehensive, multilateral approach to solving different problems of social pathology. First in line to be dealt with are addiction and HIV/AIDS.


A chart illustrating the whole spectrum of our activities

Visually and graphically-displayed, this is a more detailed view of the active programs and initiatives of the Charity .


Retrospective on the initial stages of our charity's development

This is a description of the initial stages of formation and development that the foundation went through, and also contains an article from its founder, Eugene Protsenko, about how our organization's activities began.


Who helps us - a list of our main sponsors and donors

This is a far from complete list of everyone who has helped us: representatives of variouse organisations or individuals who have become passionate about solving the problems of addiction and HIV/AIDS and have done something to support our work.