Что мы делаем

 What We Are Doing to Help.

Primary  Coals and Objectives of Our Activities



Outpatient Program "Old World" (Since 1992):

Currently, the outpatient program works in a "maintenance mode", helping those who have made positive life changes to stay on their path to recovery. Classes are held three times a week and include lectures on addiction and recovery, work in groups (therapeutic, multi-family, discussion, etc.), regular individual counseling, training and consultation with family members, and the completion of individual assignements.


Rehabilitation Center - Therapeutic Community (Since 2003):

Located in an Orthodox parish near Moscow. The rehabilitation treatment process at the center is lengthy and runs  from initial all the way to the final stages of rehabilitation (covering a total of 2 years or more), with an additional re-socialization program afterwards (duration is determined by the individual).


The re-socialization program «Halfway House» is one of the options for re-entry program offered to those who have successfully completed thier programs at the rehabilitation center. During their participation in the program they will be able to reside in a special hostel (still under construction), and they will receive the support of other community members and trained professionals.


Consultations and Planning Work with the Relatives of Addicts (Since 1990):

This program includes lectures, group activities, scheduled consultations, and individual assignments. That kind of work is an essential component of recovery for an addicted individual and his family, because addiction is the disease of the entire family.

Cooperation with community groups, religious, and government organizations: 

The major objective of this cooperative effort is to coordinate of the combined initiatives of different organizations in Russia and abroad, share experiences and information, train staff, and develop new programs.

In addition, this close cooperation in all areas promotes program development and increases the skill level of expert specialists.

Cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC):

Pfrticipation in the project "The Church Against AIDS" (since 2007), combined efforts with the Department of the ROC working with the armed forces and law enforcement agencies toward the goal of preventing drug abuse and HIV/AIDS (since 2007), and cooperation with numerouse Local Parishes of the Moscow Diocese (since 1994). 

Participation in International, All-Russian, and Local Moscow Conferences, Symposia, and Forums:

This is a very important element of our work that is required for good cooperation and coordination with other organizations, and it's also great for providing the opportunity to learn and use other's experience and to share our own. The problem of addiction and HIV/AIDS are so extensive and complex that only by working togehter can we be confident that our efforts will be effective.   


Information and Literary Publications: 

Our Charity participates in the writing, translation and publication of books, manuals, instructional materials, and articles about the nature of adddiction and ways to overcome it. We provide search, translation, review, and possibly in the future, and re-publication of literature that illuminates the problem of addiction and HIV/AIDS from a Christian perspective.

Prevention of Addiction:

This ia a very important part of our activities which includes: cycles of talks and lectures in media, seminars and training for health care workers, programs to prevent drug and alcohol abuse amongst children, adolescents and young adults, and also the preventive materials produced and distributed as part of our publishing activities, as well as all our work on this website.

Resource Center for HIV / AIDS, Drug Addiction and Other Addictions (since 2007):

This project, implemented under the program "The Church Against AIDS" is intended to promote the development of a church support system for HIV-infected people and persons in need of drug rehabilitation in all regions of Russia. In order to do this, the Resource Center collects, analyzes, annotates, and creates and maintains a special database of information on different approaches to solving problems of addiction and HIV / AIDS. It then creates opportunities for all interested persons and organizations to access this information, in part by conducting face-to-face and telephone consultations (in particular using the Church's Community Hotline), as well as seminars and training sessions for different audiences, etc.


Contact Information Hotline (since 1998) and Church Community Hotline (since 2007) 

Consultations on problems of addiction and HIV / AIDS (since 1990)